Intentional Spaces

We believe good design has the power to enhance lives, increase wellbeing and improve business.

A beautiful and balanced environment will lift spirits, relax and energise.

At Keyhole Interiors we are fortunate to work across the picturesque North West of England and beyond, covering Lancashire, the Lake District, Ribble Valley and Cheshire and London. Surrounded by so much stunning scenery it’s not surprising that we often take inspiration from nature.


beauty within

We enjoy working on a huge variety of projects from private homes to commercial developments such as boutique hotels, restaurants, cafés, bars and holiday lets.

Research has shown that our environment can have a huge influence on our psyche and health. As most of us spend at least 80% or our time indoors it’s incredibly important that those interior spaces enrich our lives.

When considering how you would like to decorate the space you live or work in, it is essential that you have a trust and affinity with your designer. In helping to shape your home, business and leisure surroundings we are in turn helping to shape your lives.

Our ethos

Nature is key

It is well known that being in nature or just looking at a beautiful natural scene reduces stress and anxiety, changing your outlook on the world and improving mental health.

That’s why the Keyhole Interiors’ design philosophy is rooted in the equilibrium and elegance of nature. This natural aesthetic is combined with a sense of contemporary sophistication while adding a playful twist.

Heritage and harmony

Our style at Keyhole Interiors is clean and modern. The starting point of every design scheme is the architecture and heritage of the building. For us luxury isn’t just about exquisite fabrics and high-end furniture, it’s also about finding visual harmony and creating a sense of belonging.

Every project is a new and exciting challenge, whether we are working on a bespoke family home, concepting the look for a new cafe or renovating a tired rental property.We pride ourselves on our intuitive and detailed approach and relish creating spaces that delight and amuse, invite and inspire.

Our Services


Our Services


Our Services

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