In Conversation With: Little Grey Cells

I first came across Jane and Lauren through a friend’s recommendation. ‘Have a look at their Instagram account, you might like it!’, she said, and she was so right.

After stalking them on Instagram for a few months (we all do it!) I gathered enough information to understand that they were two working mums designing gorgeous furniture pieces and living in the same small town I do, and I decided that their location alone was a good enough excuse to meet them.

And so we met up for a quick coffee which turned into a two hour long chat about everything that is Little Grey Cells and the driving force behind it. I use the word ‘force’ on purpose, because that is how I see Jane and Lauren together as a team: a force of nature. Friendship is a beautiful thing, and these two lovely ladies are the best example of what can be achieved when it is combined with creativity, hard work and a bit of tenacity.

The idea of the cloud shelf was born long before Little Grey Cells. Lauren, previously living and working in London, designed the shelf for her son’s room to accompany the meticulously painted rainbow she worked on for nearly 6 weeks. The positive feedback she received from friends and family lead her to make a few more shelves:

‘I thought of it as a challenge to myself, to see if I can do it, that was all it was meant to be!’

The possibility of a business became real when Lauren realised that she was sipping her morning coffee every day with the perfect business partner. With Lauren’s creativity and Jane’s business acumen, Little Grey Cells was finally born! They now share all responsibilities and demands of running the business, and believe that their energy and dynamic is what makes them successful as a team. After spending 2 lovely hours with them and seeing how they even finish each others sentences, I can see what they mean!

Their short and impressive timeline shows that Little Grey Cells taps into a very obvious gap in the world of quality and beautiful children’s furniture. After only operating for a month, the ladies celebrated their launch by winning their first ever award back in October. Despite going up against big companies like John Lewis and Mamas and Papas, Little Grey Cells walked away with the gold start for best interiors brand at the Smallish Design Awards.

Inspired and supported by their children, Jane and Lauren created something that speaks to and brings out ‘the child in you’, regardless of how old you really are. The cleverly designed, sustainable collection of shelves and seating resonates with little people thanks to its playfulness and also appeals to adults thanks to its minimal, Scandinavian style. The Rainbow Nook is an inviting little spot that can be incorporated in any children’s room, while the Lightning Shelf is the perfect addition to a master bedroom.

Jane and Lauren are now working on the development of a new range including prints, vinyls and soft furnishings. Have a look at their amazing collection on their


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