How can we help?

When should I hire a designer?

As early as possible! We get asked this question a lot and we cannot stress the importance of reaching out to a designer before the renovation process starts. To make sure you get the most out of an interior design service and to avoid having to cut corners and make rushed decisions, it is vital to allow plenty of time for the design to come together. Our job isn’t just to show you pretty items you could purchase but also to help you with structural decisions, the best layout for the spaces and a considered approach to the procurement process.

What is the design process?

We go through several stages in order to reach the final design for your space, each requiring different points for your consideration. If you would like to learn more about the design process, please visit our Services & Process page.

What happens during the initial consultation?

The initial consultation is to give us an understanding and an overview of what you want to get out of the renovation as a whole. We will get to know one another in an informal setting and align our vision for your space. This is your opportunity to outline your design ideas and let us know how you see the space being used, as well as to ask us any questions you may have about our practices. We will discuss any technical drawings which you may already have, whilst also discussing your desired budget for the project and your ideal time frame for completion. If you are happy to proceed with working together we will put together a quote for you, outlining your brief and which breaks down our costings.

Do you only take on clients in the North West?

Our studio is based in Lancashire so most of our projects are dotted around the North West, with the occasional project in London. However, subject to availability and if we both feel like we are the right fit for you we are more than happy to take on projects further afield. If you are interested in chatting to us about a UK based or international project, please feel free to enquire!

Do you have any minimum requirements for projects?

For residential clients we currently only take on projects with 3+ rooms – we believe that a home design should be cohesive and considered with an organic flow and this can be better achieved by looking at your home as a whole.

What costs does my quote cover?

Your quote is the cost for the design and specification which we carry out and includes all travel expenses as well as one amendment to the design proposal which we will present to you. It does not include product costs, delivery or installation costs which may be incurred.